Open Data & Banking pioneer transforms access to Climate data


Open Data & Banking pioneer transforms access to Climate data

Gavin Starks, CEO of Icebreaker One, speaks to FinextraTV about the business case for data sharing in order to design financial instruments and create demonstrable Net Zero results.

Learn how to use Climate Analytics’ open access climate tools

This webinar outlines how to use Climate Analytics’ suite of interactive climate tools. In the video, Climate Analytics staff take you through the various open access tools produced under the IMPACT project, including:

– RegioCrop
– Local Sea Level Rise (Local SLR)
– Costs of Inaction
– Adaptation Map

The webinar also includes a guide on how to use the RegioClim tool, produced under the PAS-PNA project.

You can access the tools here:

Introduction to the Future Projection Data in the Climate Toolbox

This video is part of the Climate Toolbox Training Video Series.
This video describes the future projection data in the Climate Toolbox (

How to Download CMIP6 Data || GCM Data Download || SSP585 | SSP245|| Climatic Models Data Downlaod |

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Data Download Link:
For Data Downscaling:
Masterfile Preparation:
Netcdf to excel using Matlab:
Netcdf to Excel Using R studio:
Netcdf to Excel Using GIS:
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +923027501600
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How to get climate data (e.g., temperature & precipitation) from NOAA database

In this video, we learn how we can readily download climate data from different sources including ground-based stations and radars through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) database.
– PRESENTER: Mo Abbasian, Ph.D.
– EMAIL: [email protected]


► Performance of GCMs:
► Statistical downscaling:
► The PTDI drought index:

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